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Andina & Tapia is an interior design studio founded in 2005 by Mónica Andina and Fernando Tapia. Over the years, we put together a team of professionals who share our love for design, beauty and the crafts. We are always eager to tackle all sorts of creative challenges when working on remodelling and decorating projects – for residential, commercial or business purposes as well as for pop up spaces.

Our goal is to capture our client’s wishes staying true to the essence of each job. To that end, we make it a point to understand our client’s needs and the attributes of the space at hand while contributing with our vision and knowledge.

We like the use of colour, mixing different styles to make the most of each item’s own beauty. We work with natural materials such as wood, stone, linen and iron, highlighting their noble essence. We place great importance on artisanal work and enjoy experimenting with craftsmen, learning new things from them every day.

Although a big part of our portfolio are private clients, we also work with companies and institutions such as the Real Academia Española, the government of Madrid, Flex, Christie’s Spain, L’Oreal, Roca and Mercedes Benz among others. In the hotel and restaurant businesses, we have provided our services to AC by Marriot, Budget Hotels, Nebraska Group and Makkila Group, to mention a few.

In addition, we had the pleasure of developing several projects internationally over the years, namely in United Kingdom, France, Greece, the United States and Hungary, where we strive to deliver a touch of Spanish flavour and bring back with us the riches of other cultures.


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